Lose Even Before Fight

If we are panic when we encounter something beyond our capabilities, let say a task that is so difficult, then we done. Because when we are panic, we can't think properly. Whereas, all we need when we are in that condition is keep calm and think. There is no such college task that is so difficult -so it can't be done-, as long as we stay calm, focus, and keep working.

Just don't think about unimportant things like 'all my friend do their homework better than me', 'I'm stupid, they are so damn smart', 'my teacher will beat me up in front of class -it will makes me so embarrassed', etc. All we need is to think about our task, how to solve that, and believe that we can do it well. At least we have to fight first before admit a defeat. Even if we really lose the fight, at least we learn something from our mistakes. There is no advantage of being panic, nervous, stress, or feel inferior. All that bad thing that run wild on our mind is often just on our mind. That's all not true.

And after perform our task, don't evaluate ourselves. Don't even think about mark/grade. If we wasn't maximal, let it go. Don't be so hard, however we're still learning. It is so normal that we make mistakes few times. As long as we keep getting better, we are doing well. Smile!


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