The Importance of Managing Your Cash Carefully

As my age turn 20, my desire to be financially independent is going stronger. My plan not to ask money from my parents ran for few months, supported by scholarship and some amount from part time job selling football jersey online. I was glad, or maybe too much. I started to spend more, consuming tastier and more expensive foods, travel to some place in other provinces, and spent on few things I didn’t really need. Well, foods and travels are good, I don’t want to say that I regret on that. The bad thing is the overconfident that I will get some amount of cash in next every single month.

Now, as my part time job enters a challenging time and the scholarship is unexpectable (don’t know when it will be cashed), I start to realize the importance of saving money. Because when we said we want to financially independent, as a man, we have to be serious. Don’t keep on mind that we can ask money to our parent anytime we are out of cash. It will make a moral hazard, because we don’t think that managing cash carefully is important. Lesson learned today: save when we have more, to be used when we don’t have. Stop spending on unnecessary thing, and if it is possible, try to find sustainable source of income, if we really mean to be financially independent. Don’t be spoiled.

But still, study must be number one priority.


A concrete action to take: keep some amount in our bank account that will cover our basic needs (foods, room rent, internet, cellphone credit) for at least 6 months. If there is any scholarship we receive, then use all of that money just for those basic needs, so we don’t depend too much on our part time job, we can stay focus on our study while keep work happily.


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