Today is a big day for Muslims, because we are celebrating Maulid Nabi Muhammad (Prophet's birthday). In Indonesia, particularly in my city Banyuwangi, we have a special event called Endog-endogan. Endog is local language means egg. In this day, Muslims households give foods and (boiled) eggs (decorated in many ways, like egg tree from banana tree) to local mosque. In the morning, people come to mosque, pray firsts, and then the foods distributed to them to eat together in the mosque.

After everyone finish eating, the decorated eggs are paraded around the village, usually along with orphans riding becak (a tricycle, traditional Indonesian vehicle) and some people playing (Islamic) music. We pray to Allah for prophet Muhammad and for ourselves along the way of parade. On the street, people could give alms to the orphans if they want, as in this day the Prophet suggests us to give special care to orphans. After the parade reach the mosque again, the mosque officials will distribute the eggs to everyone to bring home.

Eggs tree in becak.
Image courtesy of nusetendo.wordpress.com

But, something funny could happen here, where kids secretly (or even openly) take the eggs before the parade reach the finish. Even some kids compete each other to collect most eggs. And then they would happily come home with many eggs in their pocket. Some kids can get 3, 5, even 7 eggs each. Haha

In rural area, there is another tradition, where households give foods directly to their neighbors and families. The giving households cook (or buy) many things, from many kind of traditional meals to many kind of traditional cakes. They give foods mainly to neighbors and families in the same area, but there are many of them who travel long way, like one or more hour, to give the food to their families or relatives who live in different area. They're happy to do that though. It's their way to express gratitude and also to strengthen friendship between Muslims.

I like the traditions. I hope we Muslims could always follow good example from Prophet Muhammad and be better Muslim everyday.


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