Learning New Language

I have learned English since I was in junior high school, yet my English skills are not very good. I even just started to speak English regularly when I come to Thailand for exchange program. Before that, I was so afraid to speak, afraid of making mistakes.

From living abroad experience, I just realized that language skills are just a matter of practice. If we use the language frequently, then we'll be better and better on that language. So, the greatest difficulty on learning new language in my opinion is the hesitation of practice. It will be my advice for someone who want to learn new language (and for myself too): practice more, use more!

There are some ways to practice language, the simplest and most effective one for me is through pair learning. Find a friend, would be better if we can find a native speaker friend or at least a friend who is better at the language than us. Speak with her, chat with her, write her message. Use the language very often and ask our friend to correct us for our mistakes. That way, I believe we can increase our speaking, listening, writing, and reading skill simultaneously, very fast.

If you have problem on finding friend for practice, you can try globalhangouts.org. It's a website which will match you with someone in other side of the world, to talk about any topics you both interested in, through email. I have tried the website and I have got a pair that has helped me a lot in learning English.

Other way to learn English, which is fun and also effective, is through movie, music, radio, and television. Watch movie and television in English, use English subtitle, and sometime use no subtitle. Listen to radio and music in English, sometimes try to sing too. It will develop our listening and speaking skills.

And in case you want more, you can also try online learning at YouTube. There are a lot quality channel providing free English lessons, like EnglishClass101, Learning English with Mr Duncan, etc. You can also try website like DuoLingo.

Good luck!

Update: see my list of useful websites for learning new language.


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