Make Writing Easy

Approximately one year ago, I attended a writing workshop with a famous writer, Darwis Tere Liye, as the main speaker. There is no so many things I can remember from the workshop, but one thing I really like and will always try to remember, is what Tere Liye said (as I remember):

"Writing is easy. Becoming a writer, especially fiction writer, is a very easy job. You can write anything you want. If you stuck, just stop, finish the story. All is up to you."

For sure, writer's job is not easy, and what Tere Liye said is more an attitude than reality, for me. But, as I think about it, I realize that attitude can define the reality.

As I do regular writing lately, I try to think that writing is easy. And that's what I get.

As we think something is easy, it could turn out to be real easy. So, why not make everything easier today?


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