New Year

2014 has ended. It has been a great year, with its ups and downs, with its gains and losses. One lesson I really like from this year is, "if you want it, you'll find the way, if you don't, you'll find excuses."

I learn the lesson from my own experience and also my friend's. Last year, I got an opportunity to study abroad for one semester with full scholarship. One thing that in the past I thought was difficult to achieve, for many reasons. But then, I decided to really work for it, and succeeded. I thank God and everyone who had helped me to achieve that.

My friend's experience was also very inspiring. After one year full of struggle (I suppose), he finally managed to achieve his dream to visit Paris. Why his experience is inspiring for me? Because one year earlier, we share the same dream. Back to 2013, each of us got an invitation letter to participate in a conference. We were very happy, although we didn't have money to go to Paris, we were optimistic that we can get money from sponsors.

Then we really tried to search funding for months. Until then, the deadline was approaching, but our fund was not sufficient. I decided to give up and search for other opportunities to go abroad. I assumed my friend gave up as well.

December 2014, my friend went to Paris, to present in the same conference that we had failed to attend the previous year. I was surprised, that even after one year, he still pursue the dream, and finally achieved it. I'm happy for him and get very inspired about determination to achieve dream.

This year, I've made some resolutions in my mind. Hopefully, with everything I have learned so far, I can make that resolutions come true. One thing I have to remember, if I really want it, I'll find the way, otherwise I'll find only excuses.


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