Pritil Brambang

Pritil brambang is the daily job that some of my neighbors (in Banyuwangi) do everyday. Mostly by women, but sometimes their men help. Brambang is red onion, and pritil brambang means removing the red onions from its thicket, manually with hand and cutter.

The women can work all day and night, literally, from early morning around 8 am until 8 pm. Even now, the clock shows 8:34 pm, while I'm writing this blog, they're still doing their job. Although their job seems very hard to me, but they never looked stressed. Instead, they looked relaxed, cutting the red onion with hand moving in high speed while talking each other about anything.

They usually be paid weekly, the rate is 300 Rupiah per kilogram red onion. So, if they can clean 30 kg onions per day (which is the average, according to them), they will earn 9000 Rupiah a day, 63.000 Rupiah a week (around US$5 with today's rate). Indeed, that's not a big money. But, I rarely notice they complain. Instead, they always look grateful for everything come to them.

For us, young generation, there is so much we can learn from them.


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