Time Flies Fast

Tonight, I visited my friend's home, as we usually do in each semester break, to visit each other when we come back home from university. He is a good old friend, we have been friends since primary school, first met in a competition event in our regency. That time we only knew each other because we were in different subject of competition, he was in drawing, I was in natural science. But since we got to the same junior and senior high school, then we became closer.

So, our friendship has last for more than 10 years by now. I still remember 4-5 years ago in high school he helped so many times in my art homework. And then 3 years ago we were in the same preparation course to get into university. We studied really hard together which was really fun. And now, he's preparing his thesis for graduating next semester and will continue study one more year for graduate degree.

Few days ago, I also met my primary school friend and we talked about our school life 10+ years ago. We also talked about our friends, who by now, most of them already join into workforce. Some of them have already married and have child. Friend who talked with me himself has already worked for years, since he graduated from high school. Now, his job is settled, so he can get regular income to fulfill his needs and support his family.

And I myself, am currently 8th semester student. This will be my final year and I will join the workforce and get into more serious life as well, like my friends do, very soon.

Looking into the future, I often think that future is far, my targets and goals are still thousand miles away, and time is abundant. I often think, when can I do that, when will I be like that, ah still long way to go, etc. But, actually, time flies so fast when we look back. When I look few years back now, I realize that actually I have been through so many things, and also have achieved few goals in my life. Even the things that I thought were difficult to achieve few years ago. Now it's proved that many things are possible.

This year, I want to be a more optimistic person. Many great things have happened, and hopefully many more will come soon. It'll be another great year, I believe, and I name this year as the year of possibility. So, let's work and make things happen!


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